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Diesel Emission Control Retrofit Users Conference sponsored by Corning

15 December 2000

Corning Incorporated, the manufacturer of extruded ceramic catalytic converter supports and diesel particulate filters, is sponsoring a Diesel Emission Control Retrofit Users Conference which will take place on February 6 - 7, 2001 in The Doubletree Hotel, Pasadena, California.

Emissions from in-use diesel engines represent a sizable portion of the NOx and PM pollution inventories. There are many diesel emission control technologies currently available or being developed that can be retrofit to these engines to cost-effectively reduce these and other emissions. The EPA, regional authorities, states, and local governments are implementing numerous programs to facilitate the use of these technologies to clean up diesel emissions. For example, California will require that most diesel engines operating in the state have exhaust filters by 2008.

The purpose of this conference is to bring together diesel fleet operators and interested parties to move the various diesel emission control retrofit programs and technologies forward.

The Conference will be attended by an estimated 170 representatives from the EPA, state and local governments, emission control companies, engine companies, fuel companies, fleet operators, and other stakeholders in an informative conference to openly discuss the incentives, technologies, and field experiences of diesel retrofit applications.

Conference registration is due back to Corning Incorporated by January 29th, 2001. Please contact Nancy Gleason, GleasonNA@corning.com, for more information.

Source: Corning