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DaimlerChrysler forms new business unit for engines and components

15 January 2001

Following the acquisition of the American engine manufacturer Detroit Diesel Corporation (DDC), DaimlerChrysler AG announced it will combine all of its engine and component activities in the commercial vehicle sector under a new business unit named DaimlerChrysler Powersystems.

The unit, headed by Hans-Ulrich Maik, is responsible for the consolidation and development of DaimlerChrysler’s activities in this area. This will include three engine brands by Mercedes-Benz, DDC and MTU-Friedrichshafen, as well as transmissions, axles and steering systems. In 2000 all component departments of this new business unit sold a total of 520,000 engines, 260,000 transmissions, 800,000 axles, and 1.4 million steering systems.

With its 100% take-over of DDC, DaimlerChrysler now occupies an important position among producers of diesel engines for mid-sized and heavy-duty commercial vehicles. In addition, a framework agreement on cooperation in the medium duty engines segment was recently signed with Caterpillar.

Source: DaimlerChrysler