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US DOE adopts biodiesel final rule

11 January 2001

On 4 January 2001, the US Energy Secretary approved a notice of final rulemaking that provides fleets with the flexibility to use biodiesel fuel for Energy Policy Act (EPACT) requirements. The rule establishes procedures for fleets and covered persons to request credits for specified biodiesel fuel use.

The EPACT requires that certain fleet operators purchase a number of alternatively fueled vehicles. The biodiesel fuel use credit gives fleet operators the option of purchasing and using 450 gallons of biodiesel in regular diesel vehicles in excess of 8,500 lbs. gross vehicle weight instead of acquiring an alternative fueled vehicle.

This action concludes a rulemaking that began with an interim final rule that was issued on 19 May 1999 and became effective on 18 June 1999. During a 60 day public comment period, the Department of Energy received comments on the interim final rule from 10 organizations, and responds to those comments in the final rule. The final rulemaking has been published in today’s Federal Register.

Federal Register notice: text | pdf

Source: US DOE