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DDC, Engelhard launch retrofit diesel particulate filter kit

2 February 2001

Detroit Diesel Corporation (DDC) announced the commercial release of a new diesel emissions control system, which integrates Engelhard’s particulate filters with Detroit Diesel Electronic Controls (DDEC).

The system, a particulate filter integrated with DDEC controls, is named Emitless™. It includes a catalyzed particulate filter built into a muffler. Under normal operating conditions the filter continuously self-regenerates without external controls or heating devices.

The particulate filter can reduce particulate emissions by up to 90% when combined with low sulfur diesel fuel, but it can be also operated with today’s 500 ppm S fuel. In addition, Emitless™ also substantially reduces hydrocarbon and carbon monoxide emissions.

“The Emitless™ filter is truly a breakthrough for diesel engine technology and can be applied to most modern diesel engines. Our first target is the transit bus industry. We will offer Emitless™ filters on new buses equipped with Detroit Diesel engines and as a retrofit device for DDC powered buses currently in operation”, said Pat Scully, Vice President of Bus & Coach Sales for Detroit Diesel. “Detroit Diesel is confident that the most cost effective approach to clean air available to the transit bus industry is to retrofit existing buses with Emitless™, specify it on new buses, and avoid the significant cost of converting to natural gas”.

“Emitless™ filters will be available for retrofit applications in early 2001 and for new buses by mid 2001. DDC plans to certify Emitless™ in accordance with the recently adopted requirements of the California Air Resources Board Urban Bus Retrofit Program. We are making this announcement to notify our current and future customers that Emitless™ is the exhaust filter device that DDC approves for use on its engines. Our engineers have developed a means for DDEC to monitor system performance, making the system fully integrated within the engine”, said Scully.

DDC said the new technology will be available to all diesel transit bus customers and can be used regardless of the diesel fuel type they are using. According to DDC, the system will not affect fuel economy, performance, acceleration or warranty coverage. Emitless™ filters will be marketed through authorized DDC outlets and will in the future be available for use on trucks, generator sets and other diesel powered applications.

The Engelhard particulate filter is patented and has already been tested on vehicles at several US sites including California, as well as in Sweden, France and the Netherlands.

Source: Detroit Diesel Corporation