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Cummins in support of cooled EGR technology

08 March 2001

Cummins Inc. confirmed its commitment to the cooled EGR engine technology to meet the US EPA 2004/2002 emission standard of 2.5 g/bhp-hr NOx+NMHC. Cummins said it demonstrated the technology on the Cummins B series engine and it is also being applied to its other medium-duty and heavy-duty products, which are currently in field test.

Cummins achieved a 2% improvement in fuel economy compared to its current product, reduced NOx by 50%, and reduced the time of unaided cold starts over 80%. Due to the use of variable geometry turbocharging, the throttle response of the engine improved from today’s product as well.

Cummins first used EGR in the mid-1990’s to meet California’s TLEV (Transitional Low Emission Vehicle) standards in the Dodge Ram pickup. Cummins believes this technology, together with improvements in air handling, high pressure fuel injection, combustion technology and controls engineering, is the best approach for meeting the US2004 emissions requirements.

EGR allows for a portion of exhaust gas to be reused, effectively reducing exhaust emissions of nitrogen oxides. To take advantage of this technology, Cummins utilized variable geometry turbocharging (VGT) developed by its wholly owned subsidiary, Holset.

“The results are very promising”, said John Wall, Cummins Vice President and Chief Technical Officer. “We are extremely confident in the technology. It is really just an extension of the development path we have been on for some years. All of Cummins automotive engine platforms have been developed to be EGR capable.”

“We extensively researched all technical solutions, and concluded that the only feasible technology for meeting the 2.5 gram NOx+NMHC levels is with exhaust gas recirculation”, added Wall. “No other option provides the benefits of fuel economy, cost, responsiveness and overall performance, and in our view, no other currently available technology can achieve a 2.5 gram NOx+NMHC emissions level in this timeframe.”

Cummins re-affirmed its commitment to the EGR technology concurrently with the announcement on a non-EGR engine technology from Caterpillar.

Source: Cummins