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Garrett investing in VNT turbocharger technology

08 March 2001

To satisfy increasing demand for diesel-powered vehicles, the Torrance, CA-based Garrett Engine Boosting Systems will invest US$60 million this year in the European diesel market to boost capacity of its Variable Nozzle Turbine (VNT) turbochargers. Garrett’s VNT turbochargers are designed for diesel-powered passenger vehicles and light trucks in Europe.

According to Garrett, vehicles equipped with diesel engines now account for 4.9 million units in Europe, or a record high of 33% of the market. By 2006, experts predict the number may top 7.3 million units, or 47%. With diesel engines offering up to 50% better fuel economy and diesel fuel selling for approximately 35% less per liter than gasoline, there is strong incentive to buy diesels in Europe.

“As a leader in variable geometry turbine technology with our VNT turbochargers and a pioneer in Electrically Assisted Turbochargers, Garrett will continue to play a major role in the expansion of the diesel segment in Europe”, said Rob Gillette, president of Garrett Engine Boosting Systems. “We believe our technological expertise can provide significant benefits to our customers in the United States. Our European experience will further allow us to capitalize on the growing interest for diesel engines here [in the US],” Gillette concluded. Today, approximately 33% of small diesel engines in Europe are equipped with Garrett VNT turbochargers.

Garrett’s VNT turbochargers adjust the gas cross section at the inlet of the turbine wheel in order to optimize turbine power with the required load. At low engine speed and small gas flow, VNT turbochargers reduce the cross section, increasing turbine power and boost pressure. At full engine speed/load and high gas flow, the VNT turbocharger increases cross section, avoiding turbocharger overspeed and keeping the boost pressure level required by the engine. The cross section modulation can be controlled directly by the compressor pressure through the use of a pressure actuator, or by the engine management system using a vacuum actuator.

Garrett Engine Boosting Systems is a business enterprise of Honeywell’s Transportation and Power Systems SBU (Strategic Business Unit). Honeywell is a US$25 billion diversified technology and manufacturing company.

Source: Garrett