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Lubrizol to blend and distribute CDT’s Platinum Plus additive

21 March 2001

The Lubrizol Corporation signed an agreement with Clean Diesel Technologies, Inc. (CDT), to become a licensed distributor and blender of CDT’s Platinum Plus® fuel additive, which facilitates regeneration of diesel particulate filters. The seven-year contract covers the OEM and retrofit markets in Europe.

Platinum Plus includes a platinum and cerium catalyst that, when mixed with diesel fuel, lowers the oxidation temperature of soot captured in diesel particulate filters. As a result, the soot accumulating in the filter may be “burned off” at exhaust temperatures that typically occur during normal operation of the vehicle.

“This agreement will combine CDT’s patented technology with Lubrizol’s established reputation in the fuels and lubricants markets, as well as its extensive distribution, sales and service capabilities in Europe,” said J.D. Peter-Hoblyn, Chief Executive Officer of CDT. “Platinum Plus has proven its effectiveness with most commercial filter types. It is compatible with current diesel fuels or low sulfur diesel fuels and can be used in conjunction with lower cost uncatalyzed or lightly precatalyzed particulate filters. The extremely low additive dose rate minimizes ash buildup in the filter thus providing maximum filter life.”

Source: Lubrizol Corporation