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California ARB proposes Refuse Removal Vehicle Rule

5 June 2001

The California Air Resources Board (ARB) has proposed a Refuse Removal Vehicle Rule, which would introduce more stringent emission standards for diesel fueled refuse handling vehicles.

In summary, the proposed rule applies more stringent diesel PM emission standards to all in-use heavy-duty diesel-fueled engines in heavy-duty diesel refuse removal vehicles with a gross vehicle weight rating of 14,000 pounds or greater. In order to meet these emission standards by the proposed 1 January 2004 deadline, the refuse removal vehicles must use an emission control strategy to meet an 85% diesel PM reduction or 0.01 g/bhp-hr diesel PM emission standard. These requirements can be met by retrofitting vehicles with ARB-verified, 85% efficient diesel particulate filters or else by repower, remanufacture, or fuel and/or engine change.

The proposal also introduces certain fuel requirements for refuse vehicles, which enable the particulate filters retrofits. All heavy-duty diesel refuse removal vehicles in California must use low sulfur diesel fuel of 15 ppm sulfur content or less as of 1 July 2003.

This proposed regulation is another step towards achieving the plan of retrofitting 90% of diesel engines in California with diesel particulate filters. It follows the urban bus rule and the school bus program. More regulations will be adopted in the near future for such applications as fuel delivery tanker trucks, stationary engines, portable engines, and additional on-road fleets.

Workshops on the proposed rule will be held in Sacramento and El Monte, California, on June 26 and 28, respectively.

Source: California ARB

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