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Litex sues Delphi for NTP patent infringement

6 June 2001

Litex, Inc. announced that it filed a lawsuit for patent infringement against Delphi Automotive Systems for its activities involving non-thermal plasma (NTP) assisted catalysis. The lawsuit was filed on 25 May 2001, in the US District Court for the District of Massachusetts.

According to Litex, Delphi’s development of NTP catalyst systems has caused substantial adverse impact on Litex’s efforts to license its technology to the automotive industry. Litex’s lawsuit against Delphi includes allegations that Delphi infringes at least one of Litex’s patents and requests that the Court render judgment restraining Delphi from further infringement, compensatory and treble damages, and the ordering of the destruction of all devices and prototypes which infringe. Litex has been in discussions with Delphi for several years regarding the NTP technology.

Litex is the holder of seven US patents which cover the treatment of exhaust gases from internal combustion engines including diesel and gasoline with NTP assisted catalysis. Three patents are assigned to the Lockheed Martin Corporation with exclusive, worldwide license, with right to sublicense held by Litex. The remaining four patents are assigned to Litex. Lockheed Martin is not a party to this lawsuit.

Source: Litex