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Engelhard DPX filter receives California verification for most 1994 and newer HDD engines

13 October 2001

The DPX catalyzed diesel particulate filter by Engelhard received California Air Resources Board (ARB) verification for most 1994 and newer four-stroke HDD engines. The filter was previously verified by the ARB for selected models of Cummins engines.

The verification extends the applicability of the DPX filter onto most model year 1994-2001 Caterpillar, Cummins, Detroit Diesel, International, Mack, and Volvo engines. The complete list of engine families covered by the verified particulate filter technologies can be downloaded from the California ARB Verified Diesel Retrofit Systems page.

The verification of the Engelhard filter extends on the same engine families as the verification for the Johnson Matthey CRT filter.

The DPX filter has been verified as the “Level Three” retrofit device reducing particulate matter (PM) emissions by at least 85% over an emission durability period of at least 150,000 miles. The filter must be operated with ultra low sulfur diesel fuel (15 ppm S).

Source: California ARB