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Caterpillar confirms ACERT technology for highway and off-highway engines

22 October 2001

Caterpillar Inc. has confirmed its commitment to the ACERT engine technology, which was announced in March with the intention of meeting the 2004 NOx+HC standard of 2.5 g/bhp-hr without the use of cooled EGR.

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In a recent announcement, Caterpillar said that after the introduction of ACERT on-road engines (primarily in the highway truck application), the technology will be transferred onto off-highway engines. Caterpillar said, the ACERT technology will be used to meet the US EPA Tier 3 non-road emission standards for engines between 130-560 kW rated power, which were adopted to take effect in 2006.

Under the Consent Decree signed between Caterpillar and the EPA, CAT engines meeting the 2004 standards are supposed to be available in October 2002, and non-road engines meeting the 2006 Tier 3 standards should be launched in 2005 (similar agreements were signed by most other US engine manufacturers).

Source: Caterpillar Inc.