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NOx reduction included in Swedish Environmental Zones program

17 January 2002

Effective January 1, the Swedish Environmental Zones program has been extended to include NOx reduction devices. Retrofit NOx control systems must be certified to reduce NOx emissions by 35%.

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For several years, Sweden’s major cities—Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmoe—have required older heavy-duty vehicles to be fitted with controls to reduce particulate matter emissions. The basic requirement for entering Environmental Zones is that all heavy duty vehicles powered by a diesel engine must not be more than 8 years old. Under the modified regulation, vehicles fitted with 80% efficient particulate filters (“Level B” certification) may travel in the Zones for an additional 4 years (down from 6 years in the previous regulation). Vehicles fitted with devices certified to the newly adopted “Level C” requirement of 35% NOx reduction will be permitted to travel in the Zones for a further 2 year period.

The changes Environmental Zones program currently apply to the highway vehicle program, but similar NOx control provisions are expected to be added to the off-highway vehicle program.

Source: MTC