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Sierra Emissions Division launches new web site

17 January 2002

Sierra Instruments Emissions Division has launched a new web site which provides access to information on the company’s complete line of inlet and outlet air flow meters, and the Model BG Micro-Dilution Test Stand, an automated sampler of particulate emissions.

The web site includes product specifications, operator manuals and tutorials, software downloads, and application notes. Also available is a User Forum section that helps customers exchange information and ideas with their colleagues in the engine development and test industry.

Sierra Instruments owns the exclusive worldwide license on the micro-dilution technology patented by Caterpillar Inc. Micro-dilution particulate sampling systems, a cost-effective alternative of full flow dilution tunnels, currently satisfy ISO 8178-1 requirements for equivalency testing as compared against US EPA full dilution test systems operated on a steady state basis.

It is anticipated that a transient test cycle will be adopted by the EPA for off-highway engine emissions testing. Sierra Instruments has been an active participant in the development of technical recommendations for a new standard, ISO 16183, which will be the governing document for functional specifications of partial flow dilution system as applied for transient testing. Sierra Instruments has been taking part in the EMA/EPA/CARB study at the Southwest Research Institute (SwRI), which currently investigates the use of partial flow dilution systems for transient testing of off-highway engines. Results of this study will be the basis for issuing technical recommendations for ISO 16183 by US consultants.

The new Sierra site can be accessed at www.sierraemissions.com.

Source: Sierra Instruments