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Eberspächer and Accentus in joint development of a plasma-based diesel particulate filter

11 February 2002

Eberspächer GmbH, Germany, the largest independently owned system developer/supplier in automotive exhaust systems, and Accentus plc have announced they are working together to jointly develop a new plasma-based diesel particulate filter. The partnership brings together Accentus’ Electrocat™ DPF technology and Eberspächer’s expertise in the field of exhaust and aftertreatment systems.

Following a recent evaluation, the companies believe that Electrocat DPF has the potential to help vehicle and engine manufacturers to achieve future European emissions standards for diesel passenger cars. They have agreed to work together on a technical program to develop the plasma-based system to meet the particulate reduction requirements which are anticipated for the second half of the decade.

Accentus’ Manager for Electrocat, Ross Morgan, said “We are very excited to be working with Eberspächer on this joint development program. Combining our know-how in non-thermal plasma systems with Eberspächer’s exceptional capabilities in exhaust systems technology is a major opportunity to turn this new aftertreatment technology into an effective and practical solution for the automotive market.”

The Electrocat is based on plasma PM removal device developed by AEA Technology. A schematic of the AEA device is shown in the DieselNet Technology Guide paper on plasma exhaust treatment.

Accentus plc is a wholly owned subsidiary of AEA Technology plc.

Source: Accentus plc