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Revisions in California emission control strategy verification procedure

4 February 2002

The California Air Resources Board (ARB) has introduced a number of revisions to its draft diesel control strategy verification procedure. A public workshop to discuss the changes will be held in El Monte, California on 20 February 2002.

Some major proposed changes in the revised procedure include the following:

The ARB has also expressed a concern over the increased emissions of nitrogen dioxide, NO2, which are possible from catalytic emission control devices. The ARB requested comments on an NO2 limit in the verification procedure.

The verification procedure is being developed for use in diesel retrofit programs to be implemented under the diesel risk reduction plan adopted by the ARB in September 2000. According to the plan, a number of existing diesel engines in California are to be retrofitted with particulate filters and/or other control strategies. All control devices to be used in the retrofit programs will have to be verified by the ARB to determine if a given diesel emission control strategy’s emission reductions are real and durable, to establish the emission reduction level, to verify that the diesel emission control strategy has had successful field experience, and to investigate any secondary emissions of concern.

ARB workshop announcement
Draft verification procedure

Source: California ARB