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Japan unveils plans for new 2005 diesel emission standards

28 February 2002

Japan’s Central Environment Council (an advisory panel to the Environment Ministry) announced a plan to tighten diesel NOx and PM emission standards for new heavy- and light-duty highway vehicles. Under the plan, NOx would be reduced by 41 - 50%, PM by 75 - 85%, effective in the fall 2005. The Environment Council anticipates the publication of the new diesel emission limits in a formal proposal in April.

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Meeting the planned standards of Euro 4/Euro 5 stringency would force the use of exhaust gas aftertreatment on new diesel engines. However, the use of particulate filters cannot be taken for granted. Just as it was shown for the Euro 5 standard, it may be possible to achieve the limits through low-PM and high NOx engine calibration (advanced injection timing, ...) and the use of SCR for NOx reduction.

The plan for new 2005 emission standards was unveiled shortly after the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) announced it would introduce sulfur-free diesel and gasoline fuels.

Source: Kyodo News