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Cummins forming Fleetguard Emission Solutions

1 March 2002

Cummins Inc. has formed a new venture within its filtration business unit to create and sell engine emission control systems. The venture, named Fleetguard Emission Solutions, will provide solutions for customers to meet the tightening emissions regulations around the world.

The technology offered through the Fleetguard Emission Solutions business will enable reciprocating engines to meet future US EPA and international emissions requirements. This business will research, develop, and commercialize systems and products for use in mobile and stationary applications.

This business will focus on the retrofitting of the existing engine population with emissions control devices and the development of emissions systems for Cummins and other original equipment manufacturers for future emission requirements. Mike Cross, Vice-President-Fleetguard Emission Solutions, will lead the new venture. Cross, who joined Cummins in 1984 after receiving his BS and MBA from Vanderbilt University, has had extensive experience in finance, logistics management, and sales and marketing during his career at Cummins.

“The worldwide Cummins distribution system provides a unique opportunity to take advantage of currently available retrofit opportunities,” said Cross. “In addition, we are increasing our investment in product development for the next round of emission regulations. In the long run, our goal is to be the leading supplier of integrated first-fit emission solutions to both internal customers, such as the Engine and Power Generation business units of Cummins, as well as non-Cummins OEMs.”

Cummins believes the new unit of Fleetguard is well positioned for success. Rick Mills, Cummins Vice-President, President-Filtration and Fleetguard Inc., said, “No other company can match our strength and experience in filtration, exhaust systems, engine emission technology, our global distribution system, and our partnerships with suppliers and other equipment OEMs that we have.”

Source: Cummins Inc.