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Particulate filters from Engelhard on Stamford buses

1 March 2002

Following the recent order from New York City, another transit authority will be installing Engelhard’s DPX particulate filters on their urban buses. CTTransit of Stamford, CT, will retrofit 31 of its 50 buses running in Stamford with particulate filters. The retrofitted buses will be operated on ultra low sulfur fuel.

The DPX technology is a catalyzed particulate filter, intended to passively regenerate under exhaust temperatures during normal operating conditions. The filter controls emissions of particulate matter (PM),hydrocarbons (HC), and carbon monoxide (CO).

CTTransit is owned by the Connecticut Department of Transportation and operates in the greater Hartford, New Haven and Stamford areas. CTTransit plans to expand its use of the filters and ultra low sulfur fuel as funding becomes available.

As environmental pressures on transit authorities increase, more urban bus operators are evaluating particulate filter technologies. Buses equipped with filters have emissions of PM, HC, and CO comparable or lower than those from natural gas buses. According to CTTransit, these emission reductions are achieved at a fraction of the cost of switching to natural gas fueled buses.

Source: Engelhard Corporation