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Fleetguard and 3M Automotive in joint diesel exhaust emission control development program

7 March 2002

The newly formed Fleetguard Emission Solutions, a unit of Fleetguard Inc., and 3M Automotive, announced a joint development agreement (JDA) to design and develop advanced exhaust emission control technologies for meeting future, stringent global diesel emission regulations.

The JDA combines the 3M’s strengths in filtration and materials and Fleetguard’s capability in diesel-related filtration and systems integration. The program is also drawing on combined Fleetguard/3M capabilities, including in-house emissions, durability, acoustics and performance characterization testing.

The technologies being developed by Fleetguard and 3M are focused on cost-effective diesel particulate matter filter systems, as well products for nitrogen oxides (NOx) emission reduction. The products will be made available worldwide for automotive, medium/heavy duty trucks, buses and non-road mobile and stationary applications.

The first technology being developed under the JDA is a pleated-media, composite ceramic diesel particulate filter substrate. The material is characterized by light weight, low thermal inertia, and high operating temperature limit. A report from early development stages of the material was presented at the recent SAE Congress in Detroit by Ryan Shirk and Rob Miller (paper #2002-01-0323).

3M has accumulated significant experience in diesel filtration during the development of its Nextel fiber filter cartridges. The Nextel cartridges, which were commercialized in limited niche markets, ultimately have not provided a cost competitive or technically advantageous diesel filter solution.

Source: Fleetguard