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Japan’s Environment Ministry to propose new 2005 diesel emission standards

17 April 2002

The Japan’s Ministry of the Environment recommended stricter regulations on emissions from diesel-powered vehicles to be sold from the fall 2005. The new regulation would tighten the relatively relaxed Japanese emission standards to levels comparable with standards currently implemented in the United States and Europe. The planned standards would be more stringent than the short term emission limits that become effective in 2003/2004.

A plan for the new 2005 standards was first announced by the Central Environment Council (an advisory panel to the Ministry of the Environment) in February. The plan called for tightening of diesel NOx and PM emission standards for new heavy- and light-duty highway vehicles. Under the plan, NOx would be reduced by 41 - 50%, PM by 75 - 85%.

The development of the new emission regulation is likely to take approximately one year. The government is expected to publicly announce the new diesel emission standards in the spring 2003.

Source: Kyodo