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SwRI opens turbocharger test facility

30 April 2002

The San-Antonio, TX-based Southwest Research Institute (SwRI) has designed and built a new facility for testing complete turbochargers and turbocharger turbine and compressor components as used on gasoline, diesel, or natural gas engines. Testing services were first offered in March 2002.

In addition to testing the performance of new concepts and designs, the SwRI test rig measures basic turbocharger performance, such as compressor and turbine efficiencies and pressure ratios. Endurance tests are also possible.

The test rig takes ambient air and provides high-pressure, high-temperature air into the turbine to simulate engine exhaust. Three large compressors are available to use individually or in combination to pressurize air up to 200 psi at 2,000 cfm. The air also can be heated to 1,500 °F, or higher with the addition of a booster heater. SwRI tests turbochargers to SAE Standard J1826, “Turbocharger Gas Stand Test Code”.

Source: SwRI