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New particle measurement instruments from Dekati

4 June 2002

Finland’s Dekati Ltd. announced the introduction two new products specifically designed for measuring particulate matter emissions in automotive industry applications. The products are:

The Mass Monitor DMM-230 is a real-time instrument for exhaust particulate mass emission measurements in the size range 0.05 - 2.5 µm. The operating principle is based on particle charging, particle density measurement, particle size classification using inertial impaction, and electrical detection of charged particles. The device consists of a corona charger complete with on-line particle density measurement, and an inertial 6-stage impactor with electrical detection. A diffusion charger is used to give precisely known charge to particles, and an integrated mobility analyzer provides information on particle electrical mobility.

The technology is similar to that used in the ELPI, but incorporates a new impactor and charger design which results in greater ease of use, improved calculations and extrapolations all leading, according to Dekati, to highly accurate mass based results in real time.

The Dekati Combined Diluter DP-4000 is a complete sampling system for particle measurements from high concentrations and from hot and humid conditions. Adjustable dilution ratio in two phases, controlled temperature change and rapid dilution allow well defined sample transformation from vehicle exhaust or power plant stack conditions to suitable concentrations for most measurement devices.

Dekati is a manufacturer of fine particle sample conditioning and measurement instruments, who became well known within the emission research community because of the wide adoption of its first product, the Electrical Low Pressure Impactor (ELPI), for the determination of particle size distributions.

Both instruments are showcased at the Dekati stand at FISITA Exhibition held in Helsinki until June 7.

Source: Dekati