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DDC submits applications to the EPA to certify Series 60 engine

15 August 2002

Detroit Diesel Corporation (DDC) confirmed that it submitted applications to the EPA for emissions certification of its Series 60 diesel engines. These initial emission certification applications will cover 20 of the currently available Series 60 engine ratings, which will be fully compliant to the October 2002 emission requirements. Additional ratings will be submitted for certification in the following months, said DDC.

Commenting on the testing of the new engines, DDC said by October 1, it will have accumulated approximately eight million test miles on its fleet of test vehicles equipped with October 2002 prototype engines. Also by 1 October 27 different fleets will have engines in operation, in addition to the factory owned test units.

The Series 50 and 60 engines will be equipped with exhaust gas recirculation (EGR), which was also used on the Series 50 since 2000. The warranty on the new engines remains unchanged. There is no difference in the recommended oil change intervals, in the required maintenance schedule and there are no additional parts subjected to maintenance requirements, said DDC. The weight of the Series 60 engines was reduced by an 25 pounds.

DDC would be the third manufacturer to receive certification for the October 2002 engines, following Cummins and Mack.

Source: DDC