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Corning sells NoTox to a Danish investor group

11 September 2002

Denmark-based NoTox announced another change in the company’s ownership. Corning Incorporated, the present owner of NoTox, has accepted an offer leading to a management buy-out by long term member of the NoTox management team Lars Tinggaard Johannesen together with a group of Danish investors.

Corning acquired the NoTox company from SilentorNoTox in the late 2000 to accelerate the development of silicon carbide (SiC) substrates for diesel particulate filters. Selling of NoTox appears to signify that Corning has abandoned the development of SiC substrates.

Mr. Johannesen has been nominated as the Managing Director of NoTox. The company said it will continue to apply its silicon carbide technology within the field of diesel particulate filters and will be working to expand its presence in the world-wide markets for particulate filters.

Source: NoTox