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SwRI starting heavy-duty diesel engine benchmarking program for 2002 engine models

1 November 2002

San Antonio, TX-based Southwest Research Institute (SwRI) said it will offer a heavy-duty diesel engine benchmarking program for eight 2002 model-year engines in the heavy-duty and light-heavy-duty engine industries.

New federal emission regulations affect some of the 2002 heavy-duty diesel engines, which have now incorporated new emission control technologies. The benchmarking program will extensively test and assess the performance, emissions, and durability of the two classes of diesel engines. These heavy-duty diesel engines, 450 to 550 horsepower (12 to 15 liters), and light heavy-duty engines, 300 hp (6 to 8 liters), are primarily sold in the United States. Light heavy-duty trucks include pick-up trucks, sport utility vehicles (SUVs) and Class 3 delivery trucks.

“Along with our standard assessments, we plan to compare the engines emissions reduction technologies and durability,” said Bob Burrahm, program manager in the SwRI Engine and Vehicle Research Division. “Engine manufacturers and component suppliers can benefit from this data by gaining a better understanding of how the new emissions reduction technologies will impact the performance and durability of heavy-duty engines. Clients who purchase these reports can obtain data sets for much less than if they were to run the tests themselves.”

Each engine will undergo extensive steady-state mapping, step-transient tests, a 300-hour durability assessment, disassembly and inspection, and cylinder head airflow testing.

SwRI offers a discount to companies that sign subscription contracts by 10 December 2002. The report may be purchased separately for heavy-duty engines and light heavy-duty or both reports can be bought for additional discounts. The report will be available 30 June 2003.

For more information on this program, visit the SwRI website at benchmarking.swri.org or contact Burrahm at (210) 522-3064 or by e-mail at rburrahm@swri.org.

Source: SwRI