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US EPA releases draft technical report on emission effects of Lubrizol’s PuriNOx diesel/water emulsion

6 January 2003

The US Environmental Protection agency (EPA) has published a draft report quantifying the emission reductions associated with the use of PuriNOx diesel/water emulsions developed by Lubrizol. The report, while not a regulatory document, will provide States that plan to use PuriNOx fuel to control NOx emissions from diesel engines with technical guidelines for claiming SIP emission credits.

The analysis is based on existing literature data on PuriNOx performance. Since the results for highway and nonroad engines differed—in part due to different test cycles (FTP transient for highway engines, 8-mode steady-state test for nonroad)—emission effects for different engine categories were computed separately, as summarized in the table below (negative impact means an increase of emission). The data is based on 20% water content in the emulsified fuel.

Emission impacts of PuriNOx (% reduction)
Highway engines
Nonroad engines
0 - 100 hp19.323.3-99.4-34.7
100 - 175 hp17.016.8-80.113.4
175 - 300 hp18.816.8-72.813.4
300+ hp20.216.8-30.013.4

In January 2001 Lubrizol obtained an emissions verification for PuriNOx from the California Air Resources Board (ARB). That verification established the NOx and PM reductions associated with PuriNOx as being 14 and 63%, respectively.

The EPA is accepting comments on the draft report by 31 January 2003. Contact: David Korotney, korotney.david@epa.gov.

Download the report

Source: US EPA