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Particulate sizing instrument from Sensors

22 January 2003

Saline, MI-based Sensors Inc. announced a particulate emission sizing instrument, the PM-300. The analyzer operates on the light scattering principle utilizing an NIR laser and includes a build-in dilution tunnel.

The PM-300 is one of very few portable particle sizing instruments, allowing for real time measurement under field conditions. The analyzer can measure the size of particles emitted by internal combustion engines in 100 nm increments down to 300 nm, thus covering the upper end of the diesel particles size spectrum.

Exhaust is drawn through the analyzer through a heated sample line (controlled at 195°C) and a temperature controlled multi-stage “mini” dilution system. The data-sampling rate of the unit is 1 second, enabling accurate resolution of transient events.

The PM-300 is designed for stationary (laboratory and test cell environments), portable (on a mobile cart for relocation from test cell to test cell) and in-use, on-road applications (for real time emissions testing). In-use, the instrument can be located in the trunk area or cargo bed (truck or van) along with a deep cycle battery.

Source: Sensors Inc.