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CleanAir/CDT receive order for additive-regenerated filter for mines

20 March 2003

Santa Fe, NM-based CleanAIR Systems received an order for its recently introduced PERMIT™ FBC diesel particulate filter system for underground mining vehicles. The ordered filters will be installed on 30 diesel-powered units in an underground coal mine in Alabama.

The PERMIT™ FBC filter system uses a catalyst, which is applied to the ceramic filter substrate, and a platinum/cerium additive (fuel borne catalyst—FBC) supplied by Stamford, CN-based Clean Diesel Technologies (CDT). The filter reduces PM emissions by over 85%. Due to a combined affect of the catalyst and the additive, the filter can passively regenerate at temperatures as low as 300-325°C. The catalyst also decreases emissions of carbon monoxide (CO) and hydrocarbons.

The additive will be introduced to the fuel using automatic dosing equipment also supplied by CDT.

The CleanAir filter system has passed tests by the US Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA), which confirmed the ability of the system to reduce particulates by 85% with no increase in emissions of nitrogen dioxide.

The Platinum Plus FBC is registered with the US EPA for use in on-highway diesel fuel. Additive EPA registration is also required by MSHA for use in underground mines.

Source: CDT