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Calls for Papers: ETH Combustion Particles, THIESEL Diesel Engines Conference

19 April 2003

7th International ETH Conference on Combustion Generated Particles

The 7th Nanoparticle Conference, now renamed “Conference on Combustion Generated Particles” will be held at the ETH Zürich on Monday 18th and Tuesday 19th August 2003.

The organizers request paper offers on new findings dealing with combustion-emitted nanoparticles with special focus on physical, chemical and health effects of solid nanoparticles and volatile “nanodroplets” as well as on new methods to effectively clean exhaust gases from particles.

Paper abstracts must be submitted by 31 May 2003 to Andreas Mayer. More details are available at www.nanoparticles.ethz.ch.

THIESEL International Conference on Thermo- and Fluid Dynamic Processes in Diesel Engines

The 2004 THIESEL Conference will be held in Valencia, Spain, on 8th - 10th September 2004.

It is the third edition of this biennial conference entirely dedicated to topics related to diesel engines. The aim of the THIESEL 2004 Conference is to bring together ideas from both Industry and Academia and to review the state of the art in all aspects related to thermo- and fluid dynamic processes in diesel engines.

Paper offers are solicited on experimental or theoretical work related to the following topics: air-management and turbo-charging, diesel injection and sprays, combustion and pollutant formation, emission control strategies, noise generation and reduction, engine modelling, experimental techniques, and more.

More information is available from www.cmt.upv.es/WebIngles/Thiesel/thiesel.asp.