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OMG to supply catalyst technologies for Cleaire

3 May 2003

San Leandro, CA-based Cleaire Advanced Emission Controls has revealed that the OM Group (OMG) is the supplier of catalyst technologies for Cleaire’s Longview™ diesel emissions control system.

The Longview emission control system is a combination of an active lean NOx catalyst, utilizing diesel fuel as the NOx reductant, with a catalyzed diesel particulate filter. After the recent verification by the California Air Resources Board to provide at least 85% reduction in PM emissions and 25% NOx reduction, the system can be used in diesel retrofit programs in California.

OMG provides Cleaire with both the NOx reduction catalyst and the catalyzed diesel particulate filter.

The Longview system is available through Fleetguard Emission Solutions, which offers installation capacity and product support through the Cummins distribution network.

Source: Cleaire