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Donaldson retrofit DOC system verified by the US EPA

28 May 2003

Donaldson Company has received verification from the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for its emission control system composed of a diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC) muffler and Spiracle crankcase ventilation filter. Once verified, the system can be used for retrofitting heavy-duty diesel engines under the EPA Voluntary Diesel Retrofit Program (VDRP). Donaldson is the first company to be verified through the EPA’s Environmental Technology Verification (ETV) program (most other existing equipment verifications were grandfathered from the Urban Bus Rebuilt/Retrofit program).

The DOC muffler and crankcase filter combination reduces diesel particulate matter (PM) engine emissions by 25 to 32%, depending on the application. This emission reduction is a combined effect of PM emission reduction from the tailpipe and from the crankcase, the latter often contributing as much as 25% of the total PM emissions in engines with open crankcase ventilation.

The system has been verified for use on highway, heavy-heavy and medium-heavy duty, 4 cycle, model year 1991 - 2003, turbocharged or naturally aspirated diesel engines. Two configurations of the Donaldson system were verified, providing different PM emission reduction depending on the fuel quality:

The Donaldson system was recently verified for use in California retrofit programs for both highway and nonroad diesel engines.

Donaldson’s DOC muffler and Spiracle products are available through many engine and heavy-duty truck dealers and distributors.

VDRP: Retrofit Technologies from Donaldson

Source: Donaldson, US EPA