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TSI introducing new particle sizing instrument

23 May 2003

Shoreview, MN-based TSI Incorporated announced a new instrument for size classification of particles in the sub-micrometer size range. The instrument, the launch of which has been anticipated for many months, will begin shipping later this year.

The instrument utilizes particle measurement technology developed by Airel Ltd, of Tartu, Estonia. In 2002, TSI and Airel signed an agreement to jointly develop the new instrument. The primary focus for the instrument is the measurement of particles in the size range of diesel engine exhaust, with the real-time response rate necessary to follow the rapidly changing distributions typical of engine transient cycles. TSI has not yet released technical details, but the instrument is expected to perform several measurements per second, thus offering capabilities unmatched by existing technologies. The instrument will be likely unveiled at the ETH Conference on Combustion Generated Particles to be held in August in Zurich, Switzerland.

Assistance in the development and testing of the instrument was provided by Dr. Aadu Mirme (University of Tartu) and Dr. David Kittelson (University of Minnesota). TSI said it expects strong interest in this product from the global automotive industry as well as regulatory agencies and academic researchers.

For more information contact Tim Johnson, TSI, tjohnson@tsi.com.

Source: TSI