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US EPA announces a clean school bus grant program

14 June 2003

The US EPA announced the availability of a $5 million grant program to reduce school bus emissions. The grant program is a part of the Clean School Bus USA initiative, started in April 2003.

Funded by Congress as part of this year’s budget, EPA is offering up to 20 grants to help school districts across the country upgrade their school bus fleets, either by replacing older buses with new, cleaner ones or by retrofitting existing buses with devices that reduce diesel emissions.

The grant program will fund demonstration projects on methods to reduce pollution from school buses through the use of EPA verified or certified emission control technologies. Grant applications will be accepted from schools and school districts, as well as from school transportation associations, other educational institutions, non-profit organizations, or state, local, or tribal governmental agencies.

The application deadline for the EPA grants is 1 August 2003.

Clean School Bus USA | Request for Applications (RfA)

Source: US EPA