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Jaguar introducing diesel car models

11 June 2003

According to UK press reports, Jaguar is about to introduce diesel engines to its cars. It will be the first time in the carmaker’s 81-year history that diesel engines will power Jaguar cars.

Next year, Jaguar will introduce a new high performance 2.7-liter V6 diesel engine to its Birmingham-built S-Type model. The engine, capable of delivering over 200 hp, was developed in a joint venture between PSA Peugeot Citroën and Ford.

It is also expected that Jaguar will introduce a diesel version of its X-Type model, which will be powered by Ford’s 2.0-liter Duratorq engine. The diesel powered X-Type would be available in September.

Ford and PSA have been collaborating in diesel engine development since 1998. A 1.4-liter HDi diesel, jointly developed by PSA and Ford and build in France, powers the Citroen C3 hatchback and Ford Fiesta. The new PSA V6 diesel—for use in the Jaguar and later also in Peugeot cars—will be manufactured at the Ford’s plant in Dagenham, UK.

Last year, diesels amounted for nearly 40% of all new cars sold in the EU. In the UK, the sales of diesels are also stimulated by corporate car taxation rules, where the tax rate is linked to the car’s CO2 emission rating. For business users, the diesel version will offer a tax saving in comparison to the gasoline powered vehicle.

Source: ic Wales, just-auto.com