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Catalytica testing fuel processors for NOx adsorber systems

25 July 2003

Gilbert, AZ-based Catalytica Energy Systems, Inc. (CESI) announced completion of an initial round of full-scale engine tests of its diesel fuel processor technology (DFP), conducted with an undisclosed heavy-duty diesel (HDD) engine manufacturer. The tests have been designed to validate the previously reported sub-scale regeneration capabilities of the Company’s DFP technology, designed to assist the regeneration of NOx adsorber systems.

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The testing of CESI prototype DFP was performed on a 7+ liter HDD engine. The initial tests focused on verifying operation at low exhaust temperatures. Test results demonstrated efficient, rapid NOx adsorber regeneration over a variety of operating conditions, said CESI. The DFP technology also yielded an improvement in fuel economy for NOx adsorber regeneration at critical low temperatures, compared to similar tests in which the diesel fuel was directly injected. Future development testing of the system by CESI will also explore the DFP’s capability to enhance NOx adsorber durability, such as through allowing desulfation of the NOx adsorber at lower temperatures.

The CESI diesel fuel processors are being developed as a potential technology to help meet the US2007/2010 NOx emission standard of 0.2 g/bhp-hr for truck and bus engines. NOx adsorber/catalysts—the preferred technology by the US EPA for meeting this standard—still require significant improvements, primarily in their regeneration and desulfation strategies, before they become commercially viable.

Two product configurations are being developed by CESI: (1) the DFP in conjunction with a third-party NOx adsorber as an OEM package for meeting the 2010 NOx emissions standard, and (2) the DFP in conjunction with a CESI lean NOx catalyst designed to provide up to 50% NOx reductions in retrofit applications.

Source: Catalytica


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