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SwRI launches fourth Clean Diesel consortium

11 July 2003

San Antonio, TX-based Southwest Research Institute (SwRI) announced launching of its fourth cooperative research program to reduce diesel engine emissions. This newest four-year program will seek to improve diesel emissions technology to meet the US Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) 2010 emissions standards.

A kickoff meeting for the consortium, known as Clean Diesel IV, is scheduled for 6 November 2003. The program offers a yearly renewable contract, and signed contracts are required to attend the kickoff meeting.

Like its predecessors, the new program is designed to develop new diesel technologies for consortium members. The primary objective is to reduce oxides of nitrogen (NOx) to 0.2 g/hp-hr and particulates (PM) to 0.01 g/hp-hr. Consortium participants will determine which projects will be undertaken during the program from a number of Institute-suggested areas of interest.

Possible projects include the development of stoichiometric diesel engines with three-way catalysts and variable area injection nozzles, direct in-cylinder urea injection, and determination of lubricant oil impact on particulate production.

SwRI has introduced the program to European, Asian and US companies. Interested parties unable to attend the kickoff meeting may join Clean Diesel IV at any time. To date, 30 companies have indicated interest, including light, heavy-duty, and off-road engine manufacturers, component suppliers, and oil and fuel companies.

For more information about Clean Diesel IV, contact Daniel Stewart at (210) 522-3657, daniel.stewart@swri.org.

Source: SwRI