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Denver offering free truck repairs to reduce emissions

22 August 2003

The Northeast Metro Pollution Prevention Alliance (NEMPPA) of Denver, CO, is offering up to $5,000 to offset repair costs to diesel trucks as part of their Diesel Testing and Repair Program. The goal of this program is to improve air quality in Denver Metro neighborhoods by making repairs that reduce emissions from diesel trucks.

Eligible vehicles will receive opacity tests before and after the repairs to document the reduction in emissions. Vehicles can be serviced at a variety of locations, including Central Motive Power, Colorado Mack Sales and Service, Cummins Rocky Mountain, McCandless International Trucks of Colorado, Steward & Stevenson, Volvo Trucks of Colorado, or Wagner Equipment Company.

The program is sponsored by the Colorado Motor Carriers Association, Suncor Energy, the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment, Denver Department of Environmental Health, Tri-County Health Department and NEMPPA. For more information call Justin Laboe at Tri-County Health Department, 720-322-1541.

Source: Tri-County Health Department