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TSI launches new engine exhaust particle sizer

3 September 2003

The Shoreview, MN-based TSI Incorporated has launched the Engine Exhaust Particle Sizer (EEPS) spectrometer, a new instrument capable of real time measurement of engine exhaust particle size distributions. The instrument, anticipated for quite some time, was unveiled at the ETH Combustion Particle Conference held last month in Zurich.

TSI’s new Model 3090 EEPS spectrometer is a high-performance instrument that provides particle size distributions of exhausts from diesel and spark-ignition engines, as well as other combustion sources. It measures particles in the range from 5.6 to 560 nanometers in diameter in rapidly changing aerosols, like those generated during transient engine test cycles.

The unique design of this instrument includes an “inside-out” Differential Mobility Analyzer to measure concentrations of multiple particle sizes simultaneously. This technique generates a complete size distribution in 32 size channels every 0.1 second.

When measuring stable aerosols, data from the EEPS spectrometer corresponds directly to that from TSI Scanning Mobility Particle Sizer (SMPS) systems, said TSI. The SMPS, an industry standard for measurement of particle size distributions, has a response time on the order of 1-2 minutes, and is capable of steady-state measurements only. With the development of the EEPS instrument, researchers will have the ability to look at particle size distributions in real time, even when the aerosol is constantly changing.

Source: TSI