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Volkswagen unveils diesel particulate filter systems

11 September 2003

Following other German car manufacturers, Volkswagen (VW) unveiled diesel models equipped with particulate filter systems at the 60th International Motor Show (IAA) which opened today in Frankfurt. VW vehicles exhibited with particulate filters include the new Golf and Passat.

The Passat TDI with 2.0 liters displacement, 136 hp (100 kW) engine will be available with a diesel particulate filter starting this fall.

Particulate filters will be needed for meeting the Euro 4 standards (2005) only on the largest VW cars. On these heavier vehicles particulate filters will be successfully introduced as standard equipment. Lighter vehicles (from Lupo and Polo to Golf, Bora and Passat) meet the Euro 4 standards through internal combustion measures, without the need for particulate filters. On these cars, Volkswagen will offer particulate filters as an option.

Volkswagen shows two different filter systems at the IAA: one system with a fuel additive, which will go into production for the Passat this year, and a catalyzed filter located close to the engine and without additive, which will be offered in 2004. These two types of systems are also featured on Audi cars shown at the IAA.

Source: Volkswagen