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ETG introducing new PM filter for off-road engines

15 March 2004

Gothenburg, Sweden-based Emission Technology Group (ETG, formerly Erland Nilson) announced a new diesel particulate filter system for retrofitting off-road diesel engines, such as those used in industrial forklift trucks.

The system, called the Catalytic Particulate Oxidizer (CPO), is a passive diesel particulate filter system utilizing filter cartridges made of catalyzed silica fibers. According to ETG, the CPO filter can regenerate at much lower exhaust gas temperatures than conventional wall-flow monolith based filters. The system is also maintenance-free, as ashes do not accumulate in the filter, said ETG.

The CPO device was recently tested by the AVL MTC laboratory and was approved for use in the Swedish Environmental Zones retrofit program.

CPOs are available for engines from 65 to 650 hp (50 to 500 kW)

Press release | Technical product information

Source: ETG