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Mazda recalling vehicles with defective DPF systems

3 April 2004

Mazda Motor Corporation said it will recall a total of 2,656 diesel vehicles in four models in the Japanese market to fix a defect in the diesel particulate filter (DPF) system.

Subject to the recall are the Bongo truck, the Bongo Brawny van, the Delica van and the Vanette van manufactured between last December and February. Mazda said that the level of PM emissions from the vehicles may exceed mandated standards due to the DPF system problem.

The vehicles are powered by a 2.0 liter common-rail diesel engine utilizing catalyzed wall-flow particulate filter and exhaust gas recirculation for NOx control. The filter is regenerated through the combined effect of the catalyst and increased combustion temperature, controlled by common-rail injection system. The problem was caused by computer software which did not properly control filter regeneration. All affected engines will be fitted with new Engine Control Units featuring updated software. The regeneration problems may have caused overheating and failure of the filter element and/or the temperature sensor positioned downstream of the filter. If damaged, these component will be also replaced at no charge.

The new Mazda Bongo was the first light commercial vehicle in Japan fitted with a diesel particulate filter.

Mazda recall information (in Japanese)