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California ARB reinstates verification of Johnson Matthey CRT filter

2 June 2004

The California Air Resources Board (ARB) reinstated the verification of the CRT particulate filter by Johnson Matthey (JM). On 1 January 2004, the CRT filter was removed from the list of verified emission control devices, due to a disagreement about warranty requirements set by the revised version of the California diesel emission control strategies verification procedure. After negotiations, a position has been reached where the CRT filter is considered verified again as of 21 May 2004.

Emission control devices intended for use in California diesel retrofit programs—including the CRT filter—were initially verified based on an “interim” version of the verification procedure. The final version of the procedure incorporated additional provisions, not included in the interim version, which were opposed by manufacturers. The central unresolved issue was the ARB’s warranty requirements, under which emission control manufacturers must provide warranty coverage not only for their verified device—such as a particulate filter or catalytic converter—but also for the diesel engine on which the device is installed. Due to the disagreement on the engine warranty issue, the ARB suspended verifications for two diesel particulate filter systems (by Johnson Matthey and Engelhard).

Through a negotiation process, JM did accept the California warranty requirement for warranty liability to the engine for damage caused by a verified technology. The ARB, on the other hand, has accepted JM’s warranty language, including its statements on limitations of liability. The warranty language, including the limitation of liability clauses, are consistent with the US Uniform Commercial Code, said JM.

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Source: Johnson Matthey


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