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Kemira testing ammonium formate as NOx reductant for SCR systems

22 June 2004

Finland’s Kemira has announced a new NOx reductant—ammonium formate, trade named Denoxium—for SCR catalyst systems used in cold climate conditions. The new product is being tested in collaboration with Ecocat Oy, Technical Research Centre of Finland VTT and TEKES.

A number of truck manufacturers announced plans to introduce SCR catalysts in their Euro IV (2005) and Euro V (2008) truck engines. These SCR catalysts will utilize water-based urea solutions, known under the trade name AdBlue, as NOx reductant. However, urea solutions freeze at the temperature of -11°C, thus requiring various heating methods in the distribution system and on the vehicle. Ammonium formate solutions with a freezing point of -30°C have been proposed as an alternative reductant for use in cold climate Northern European countries.

According to Kemira, ammonium formate solutions are fully compatible and interchangeable with AdBlue or similar urea systems. Research results by VTT implicate that replacing AdBlue with Denoxium, without any engine or system adjustment, causes no emission performance penalty. Denoxium is also said to match AdBlue in environmental friendliness and handling safety.

Kemira has demonstrated the ammonium formate concept to vehicle manufacturers in Europe, who have already begun testing the product in laboratories and in the field.

Denoxium will be launched during 2004/2005 to meet the new SCR truck requirements. Kemira will offer full SCR reductant service, including urea/AdBlue, Denoxium, or Denoxium licenses.

Source: Kemira [press release | product page]