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Aaqius & Aaqius to test diesel PM emission control technologies in Mexico

16 July 2004

Aaqius & Aaqius (France) announced a cooperative agreement with Poshteca Trading (Mexico) in the field of diesel exhaust emission control. The collaboration will focus on field testing and retrofit activities for diesel PM and NOx emission control in Mexico. The collaboration will start with a project to evaluate PM control technologies.

The demonstration project, which will be conducted in Mexico City under local management by Poshteca, will evaluate technologies currently used in Europe. Based on the Aaqius & Aaqius’ expertise in the field of diesel emission control, four different PM emission control technologies with different regeneration strategies have been identified for the demonstration program. The technologies will be evaluated over two different cycles: (1) a “stop-and-go” urban cycle with medium heavy duty delivering trucks; and (2) long haulage cycle with heavy duty trucks. Two technologies will be tested over the first 12 months period, said Aaqius, but no technical details were released at this time.

The goal of the cooperation agreement is (1) to evaluate the effectiveness of proposed retrofit technologies on Mexican heavy-duty diesel vehicles; (2) to adapt the technologies to meet the needs of the Mexican market; (3) to set up facilities and industrial partnerships to introduce these technologies in Mexico, as well as in other countries. Both companies will be looking for potential marketing and distribution partners in North America to address the retrofit and new vehicle markets for diesel particulate emission reduction.

Aaqius & Aaqius SAS is a strategic markets and business development company, with the mission to boost the market introduction of advanced technologies in the automotive industry and in other areas of technology. Poshteca Trading, S. de R.L. de C.V. is a private consulting company headquartered in Mexico City.

Source: Aaqius & Aaqius