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US EPA to develop emission standards for stationary engines

19 July 2004

Under a proposed court settlement, the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has agreed to establish national emission standards for new diesel and gas industrial engines used in stationary applications, such as on-site electric generation, oil and gas development, and agricultural pumps and equipment. Emissions from stationary engines have not been regulated by federal emission standards (rather, they are subject to a complex patchwork of state and/or local regulations and permit policies).

The settlement requires EPA to propose emission standards for stationary diesel engines by 29 June 2005, and finalize the standards by 28 June 2006. It also requires EPA to propose clean air standards for stationary gas engines by 23 May 2006, and to finalize the standards by 20 December 2007.

The proposed settlement resolves a lawsuit filed by Environmental Defense, a New York-based environmental organization, in federal district court (Northern District of California) on 8 December 2003. The settlement is subject to a 30-day public comment period before it can be finalized.

There are about half a million diesel and gas stationary engines in use in the USA, and thousands more manufactured each year, according to Environmental Defense. EPA’s standards would apply to newly manufactured engines nationwide.

Source: Environmental Defense