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CCA receives orders for 18 mobile diesel SCR systems

14 August 2004

Monroe, CT-based Combustion Components Associates (CCA) announced the receipt of contracts for its ELIM-NOx SCR system on 6 diesel trucks in the New York Metropolitan Area and 12 off-road construction trucks in Southern California. The orders, which exceed $400,000, represent the first large contract for the ELIM-NOx since it was commercialized as a diesel retrofit system earlier this. The ELIM-NOx SCR technology is designed to achieve 90% NOx reduction without fuel economy penalties, said CCA.

The ELIM-NOx system utilizes a Selective Catalytic Reduction catalyst using aqueous urea solution as the NOx reductant. The use of ultra low sulfur diesel fuel is not required with the ELIM-NOx system. The technology can be also used to help comply with EPA regulations for new diesel engines, which require a 50% to 90% NOx reduction phased-in between 2007 and 2010, said CCA.

To system includes an electronic control unit, which is programmed for a given application using data from a “self-learn” monitoring system. The “self-learn” system—which uses sensors to measure NOx, exhaust temperature, and other engine parameters—is temporarily mounted on the diesel truck for recording data as the vehicle operates in its normal driving conditions. This allows to determine a map of the urea injection criteria without vehicle dynamometer tests. Data collected from one vehicle can be utilized across a fleet of identical vehicles that operate under similar conditions.

CCA has developed the ELIM-NOx system based on its experience in supplying SCR systems for stationary applications, such as power boilers and stationary engines. The urea injection system for mobile engines utilizes the ARIS system developed by Clean Diesel Technologies (CDT).

Source: CCA (press release)