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Engelhard ships first catalysts from new Shanghai plant

5 August 2004

Engelhard Corporation announced that its new, expanded plant in China is now shipping automotive emission control catalysts.

Engelhard’s new operation in Shanghai replaces an existing facility that opened in 2000. The plant triples the company’s previous production capacity in China and is designed for additional expansion in coming years, said Engelhard. Construction of the new plant started last year.

China’s rapid economic expansion and growing population of automobiles have led to increased pollution levels, which in turn create increased demand for emission control technologies. According to the World Bank, China contains 19 of the world’s 25 most polluted cities. In response, the Chinese government intends to accelerate its schedule for improving air quality; it cited a desire to be “on par” with world-class regulations by 2008 when Beijing hosts the Olympic Games.

China is now adopting automotive emission regulations equivalent to Euro 2 standards. Manufacturing, sales and export of Euro 1 compliant vehicles will be forbidden within one year. Shanghai and Beijing had previously adopted the Euro 2 standards.

Source: Engelhard