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California ARB to regulate emissions from in-use off-road engines

23 October 2004

The California Air Resources Board (ARB) has started work on a diesel particulate matter (PM) control regulation for in-use off-road diesel engines greater than 25 horsepower. The off-road equipment rule will be designed to reduce diesel PM emissions from construction, mining, airport ground support, logging, and industrial equipment such as forklifts. The rule will not cover equipment used in agricultural operations, cargo handling equipment used at ports and intermodal rail facilities, or equipment already covered by other rules.

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The off-road equipment rule is another PM control measure being developed under the California Risk Reduction Plan to Reduce Particulate Matter Emissions from Diesel-Fueled Engines and Vehicles. The Risk Reduction Plan, approved by ARB in September 2000, set goals to reduce diesel PM emissions in California by 75% by 2010 and 85% by 2020.

The first workshops to discuss the off-road equipment rule will be held 16 November 2004 in Sacramento and 17 November 2004 in El Monte.

Source: ARB (Off-road equipment page)