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CCA to license urea-SCR technology for stationary engines from CDT

7 October 2004

Monroe, CT-based Combustion Components Associates (CCA) announced that it has acquired licenses for the ARIS SCR NOx reduction technology for stationary power generation engines from Clean Diesel Technologies (CDT). The license gives CCA the marketing rights to the ARIS NOx reduction technology in North, Central and South America. The ARIS technology is a urea-based SCR system for NOx emission control from stationary, marine and railroad engines. This license follows CCA’s existing licensing arrangement with CDT for the ELIM-NOx SCR system for NOx emissions reduction from heavy-duty mobile diesel engines.

The CCA ARIS SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) system reduces NOx emissions in diesel or lean burn natural gas engines by metering precise amounts of urea solution into the engine’s exhaust stream, upstream of the SCR catalyst. When injected into the exhaust gas, urea decomposes to ammonia, which in turn reduces oxides of nitrogen over the catalyst. It is an integrated system with 4 components that need to be installed: a tank (on which the ECU, pump, filter, level and back pressure sensors are mounted), injector, catalyst housing, and wiring harness.

The SCR product line complements CCA’s existing business of controlling NOx emissions from large utility boilers through burner modifications, overfire air systems, computational fluid dynamics modeling and other NOx control technologies.

Source: CCA (press release)