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ARB verifies PuriNOx/catalyst combination for port engines

4 November 2004

The California Air resources Board (ARB) has verified the Lubrizol Engine Control Systems’ PuriNOx™ water-diesel emulsion in combination with the AZ Purimuffler™ or AZ Purifier™ oxidation catalyst for use in certain off-road diesel engines. The verification covers MY 1996 through 2002 diesel engines used in intermodal and/or freight handling operation applications, such as at ports and railway yards.

The PuriNOx-AZ catalyst combination has been verified as a Level 2 device (50% PM emission reduction), which also brings a 20% NOx reduction. Details, terms and conditions of this verification are listed in the ARB Executive Order DE-04-007, and the applicable engine families in Attachment 1.

Lubrizol’s PuriNOx (without catalyst) was previously verified as a Level 2 device (and 15% NOx reduction) for MY 1988 through 2003 diesel engines used in on-road applications.

Source: California ARB